At least four dead after a small plane crashed into homes in California Monday


At least one home was engulfed in flames near the intersection of Central and Streeter Avenue. The pilot was a lady. Four people were dead and two injured in the accident. Four victims were for the plane: a husband, wife and three teenagers, possibly all females. One of them, a girl, had only minor injuries. They were returning to San Jose on Monday after a weekend cheerleading conference at Disneyland. The fire department responded to the accident. Rescuers have been unable to determine whether the deceased victims were on the aircraft or from one of the residences affected by the crash. Residents of nearby homes were evacuated from the area and taken to a local community center. The reason for the crash wasn’t immediately known. The Cessna 310 is an American six-seat, low-wing, twin-engined monoplane that was produced by between 1954 and 1980. As of December 2013, the NTSB has recorded 1924 incidents for Cessna 310s since 12 January 1964.


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