New directives about illegal immigration issued in the U.S.


“We do not have the personnel, time or resources to go into communities and round up people and do all kinds of mass throwing folks on buses. That’s entirely a figment of folks’ imagination,” an official said on condition of anonymity. The new guidelines require hiring of thousands of additional enforcement agents. The number of people deported in 2015 was just over 333,000, the lowest number since 2007, according to federal data. Statistics for 2016 are not publicly available. On the new guidelines undocumented prioritized for removal include those who have been charged with crimes but not convicted, those who commit acts that constitute a “chargeable criminal offense,” and those who an immigration officer concludes pose “a risk to public safety or national security.” There are again opposants. Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.), as an example,  called the policies “xenophobic” and suggested they could lead to racial profiling of minorities.


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