Storms and rains in California, many people dead


Storms are due to start again overnight Saturday and linger through Monday, with 2 to 4 inches of widespread rain expected, CNN meteorologist Allison Chinchar said. To be more precisely, some areas may get up to 10 inches. More than 131,000 customers lost power Friday night, officials said. Power is still out for many people and cars submerged across Southern California, which experienced one of its most drenching storms in recent years. Sinkholes, localized floods and downed trees were reported. The wet road conditions on Interstate 15 favored deadly car accidents. While some roads are washed away, others are covered in thick mud and rocks.

Ryan Maue, a meteorologist for WeatherBell Analytics said to media that 10 trillion gallons of rain would fall on California in the next week, enough to power Niagara Falls for 154 days. After five years of drought, a series of storms have filled state reservoirs. Fortunately, despite rain in the forecast, no more problems are at Oroville Dam. The water level is at 854 feet, 47 feet below the mark where a emergency spillway is needed.


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