A man died Saturday at the Honolulu International Airport after forcing the exit lane


The suspect forced his way through the exit lane of the security checkpoint and managed to make it outside to the Airport Operations Area, before he was placed in custody. The man was unarmed and did not have a plane ticket.“Even after he was detained, there was still a struggle and the suspect remained combative and at that point is when he became unresponsive,” said Tim Sakahara, DOT spokesperson. He was transported to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. A law enforcement officer suffered head injuries in the process and was also taken to the hospital for treatment. Passengers in the area believed they are threatened themselves. The security checkpoint operations at the commuter terminal were suspended during the incident. Honolulu Police have opened “an unattended death investigation.” It was not clear if the deceased man suffered injuries during the security forces’ operation. His name was not revealed and nothing was told about the motivation of his action or about the cause of his death.


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