A woman is allergic to her husband and to many other things

A young lady from Minnesota is suffering of  “mast cell activation syndrome, which causes cells to release the wrong chemicals in the immune system to the wrong place at the wrong time.” That means a violent sort of allergy which makes her life and the others’ life  around her almost impossible.

She remembers she was normal until she married. After this moment, Johanna Watkins, 29, became allergic to her husband, her parents and to almost everything. For the past year, Johanna had been living in friend’s master bedroom, which was wrapped in plastic with the windows sealed. Her husband, Scott, an elementary school teacher, was staying in a room downstairs and would only see his wife when transporting her to doctors’ appointments or emergency room visits. She was misdiagnosed 30 times before doctors determined in 2015 her illness. In the effort to save his wife, Scott has transformed their new home in south Minneapolis into a safe space for his wife, with new paints, new floors and new furniture that is heated to mask any scents that could make her sick.. But she was allergic again. Those people have no idea how their life will become the next moment and they only can have hope asking God for help.