Thoracic surgery director at Bronx Montefiore Medical Center committed suicide


His body was later recovered from an area of Palisades Interstate Park along the Hudson River known as Hazard’s Dock. The couple divorced two weeks ago. Jennifer Ashton professionally referred to the incident saying  his ex-husband death should serve as a wake-up call to anyone with a loved one suffering from depression. “We know that many families struggle everyday with depression while others like us don’t have any warning. We hope by sharing some of Rob’s story it will save others the heartache we feel. You are never alone.” she wrote on Instagram. Robert Ashton Jr. scribbled down the phone number of his ex  and a request to call her. The note was found in Robert Ashton’s pocket after his death.Dr. Jennifer Ashton, 47, regularly appears on Good Morning America and World News Tonight. She is the author of nutrition books and describes herself on social media as a fitness fanatic, hockey fan and mother.


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