A woman asks justice because she was forced to give birth on the prison cell


She was practically forced to give birth of her son on the jail cell floor without a doctor present. “They didn’t believe her,” said Linda Preston, the woman’s mother. “They just left her (to) lay there. They didn’t care. They just kept saying she wasn’t having the baby, and I don’t know how anybody could say when she was bleeding.” And this despite the fact that the hospital was at three minutes. On the other part, the sheriff try to explain the situation defending the prison’s workers: “Could we have more medical staff? Could we have a full-time doctor on staff 24 hours a day? Obviously that is going to cost taxpayers more money to increase that kind of contract.” e also make opposition at woman’s declarations. “I’m 100 percent that our people did what they need to do,” Wickersham says. “At some point, she said she had to go to the hospital, the baby came before that happened.”


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