Math teacher from Virginia Beach in jail after he wrote a word on a student’s forehead


More according to testimony from the victim, Board instructed a student to hit the victim every time he said something Board disapproved of. Board claims he was trying to be playful in teaching the student to focus on his school work. but because the student involved in the assault has ADHD things gone wrong. The victim testified before a judge that the incident made him feel “embarrassed”. According to the victim’s mother, Board called several days after the incident and profusely apologized for what happened in class, begging her not to yank her son out of his math class.  But it was too late. He are no longer now at Landstown Middle School and Board resigned shortly after the incident, when the story was told cu media. Board was facing up to 12 months in jail and a $2,500 fine. A judge ordered him to pay $100 for the crime.


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