A Nebraska senator could face expulsion from the Legislature


“We are in totally unchartered waters here,” said state Sen. John Kuehn, a fellow conservative who has implored Kintner to resign. Sen. Ernie Chambers of Omaha, a longtime adversary of Kintner’s, called his behavior “disgusting” and demanded that other senators pressure him to resign. Kintner’s office  released a statement that said: “I understand my colleagues’ concern about the retweet I sent this weekend. I am very troubled by the liberal activist campaign that is using my mistake on the tweet to escalate calls for my resignation.” He announced Tuesday evening that he will hold a press conference before the scheduled vote. Kintner admitted last year to having cybersex on a state computer with a woman who later tried to blackmail him, but refused to resign. Sen. Paul Schumacher of Columbus warned against taking quick action against Kintner without allowing him due-process rights to defend himself.


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