Trump Tower in New York City was evacuated Tuesday due to security concern


Firefighters were called to set up a staging area nearby at about 4:32 p.m. Madison Avenue was closed by police between 55th street and 58th street after evacuation. The NYPD Bomb Squad responded to the situation. However, finally nothing dangerous was found: it was a bag containing children’s toys. The President-elect is currently in Florida. A spokesman for Mayor de Blasio on Tuesday said evacuations at Trump Tower “will be a common occurrence.” A Trump spokesman tweeted his thanks to the police.City officials have already called on federal authorities to pay more for security at Trump Tower, where the cost of extra law enforcement is running some $400,000 a day. After Trump’s election NYPD spent $35 million to provide security to the tower, of which 20% of the costs would be repaid by Congress.


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