Prankster naming his Wi-Fi hotspot “Galaxy Note 7” caused flight delay


The person, who will remain unnamed, started a Wi-Fi hotspot which he named “Galaxy Note 7_1097”. The passengers and crew staff who got to see the hotspot naturally freaked out. This is because everyone was now with the impression that a Samsung device, which could possibly explode at any time, was somewhere on the plane. Numerous announcements were made asking that the owner of the Note 7 comes forward. The troll was however stubborn and only spoke about his prank when the crew members announced that they are forced to divert the flight in order to land in Wyoming (far from the flight’s original destination of Boston) where an emergency search will be made.

The crew was certainly not happy. Lucas Wojciechowski, a passenger who got to make a screenshot of the SSID that freaked everybody on board, recalled some of the discussions which occurred before the culprit came forward: “This isn’t a joke”, a staff member reportedly announced to everyone on the plane. “We’re going to turn on the lights and search everyone’s bag until we find it”.


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