Former astronaut John Glenn has died at 95


His long political career enabled him to return to space in the shuttle Discovery at age 77 in 1998. Glenn had a strong marriage of 70 years. “It still seems so vivid to me,” Glenn said on the 50th anniversary of the flight. In 1959, Glenn wrote in Life magazine: “Space travel is at the frontier of my profession. It is going to be accomplished, and I want to be in on it. There is also an element of simple duty involved. I am convinced that I have something to give this project.” Being in New Concord, Ohio, Glenn was in his city town band as a trumpeter at age 10 and accompanied his father on Memorial Day. In his 1999 memoir, Glenn wrote “that feeling sums up my childhood. It formed my beliefs and my sense of responsibility. Everything that came after that just came naturally.”


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