Naperville North High School students temporarily hospitalized after they ate modified gummy bears


The students experienced symptoms ranging from rapid heart rate, dizziness and dry mouth. Police have confiscated samples of the candy for testing. Dr. Daryl Wilson, director of EMS at the hospital, says the students had symptoms of having ingested a “non-toxic intoxicant.” It’s known that each teen had consumed just one gummy bear. A 17-year-old Naperville North High School student was in police custody Tuesday on suspicion that he brought gummy bears laced with marijuana to school. Police also are following leads about other students who may have been involved and investigating how the candy got into the school, how it was distributed and whether the students who ate it knew it might have contained another substance. “Anytime we have students who are put in a situation where their health is at risk, their health is questioned, I am disappointed,” Naperville School District 203 Supt. Dan Bridges said.


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