The biggest destroyer of the U.S.Navy had a propulsion problem


The ship has a stealthy design to reduce its radar signature. The large 185 metre ship has a radar signature the size of a 15 metre fishing boat making it the perfect vessel for surprise attacks. It’s allegedly 50 times harder to detect than current U.S. Navy destroyers. Rail guns fire missiles at up to seven times the speed of sound. After the technical problem occurred, the Zumwalt had to be towed to port to remain at ex-Naval Station Rodman in Panama to address the issues. The Zumwalt costs more than $4.4bn and was commissioned in October in Maryland. Recently however, the Navy admitted it couldn’t viably afford the projectiles for the ship’s guns after learning they would cost $1 million a pop. A Russian military expert recently described Zumwalt as “a floating supercomputer with missiles”.


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