Rolling Stone magazine and one of its writers ordered to pay $3 million after bad documented article


The article, “A Rape on Campus,” was published in November 2014 and portrayed the university administration as being indifferent to the threat of sexual assault on campus. At that time, the Charlottesville police said they had found no evidence that an episode like the one described had occurred. After, the magazine retracted the article and removed it from its website. The accusation in justice  was for faulty reporting and a failure to apply basic fail-safes in editing. In her suit, filed in May 2015, the administrator, Nicole P. Eramo, had asked for $7.5 million in damages. arguing that the article also determined a change of her job at the university. “It took two years and all this to get an apology,” Ms. Eramo said, gesturing around the courtroom. Rolling Stone has not said whether it would appeal the verdict.


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