Shooting with victims at a West Adams restaurant in LA


The continued in the driveway of the restaurant, which is located in a converted house.  A neighbor estimated about 20 gunshots. A total chaos occurred, people were running everywhere. There were about 50 people inside the restaurant. Officers from across Los Angeles were sent to the scene where three people dead and 12 others had been wounded. The genders and ages of the victims were not disclosed. The injured are scattered across Los Angeles hospitals. Police helicopters appeared overhead and fire trucks and at least 40 police cars were parked on the street. Police took into custody a man and a woman and was looking for witnesses. The motivation for the remained however unclear. The occurred after a party with many young people participating at a birthday celebration. “We must take action against easy access to firearms and the thoughtless, indiscriminate, murderous use of them,” said Mayor Eric Garcetti.


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