Millions of gallons of milk are wasted in America


It’s about getting more milk into school lunches, and in revamped tacos and Egg McMuffins. However, prices plunged more than 30 percents and it’s too much. “Everyone has dumped milk, from Minnesota to New England,” said Ken Nobis, head of the Michigan Milk Producers Association. Meatpackers are now producing the most ever meat and poultry and farm incomes this year are headed for their third consecutive drop. The Michigan Milk Producers Association, a farmer-run cooperative, has donated 83,000 gallons of milk to a food bank.

Food scientists and dietitians funded by DMI worked with McDonald’s, for instance, to replace liquid margarine with butter in its breakfast egg sandwiches, muffins, buns and other menu items. This could use up to 600 million pounds of milk annually.On average, each American last year ate an extra pound of cheese and butter combined, according to the latest USDA data.


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