A school from Texas imposed interdiction for parents’ access


The motivation for a such measure was the safety of the students, the school said. The principal wants that students must now get the bus home from school or find their parents in a long car-pickup line. Stopping parents to access the school is however something  difficult to understand and some parents removed children from this school. Bear Branch Elementary School in Magnolia is losing students. After it became public in the media, this situation generated many commentaries. People have opinions. Here are only a few of them:

“I think the state should audit this school.”

“This community needs some serious changes in its educational structure. Trespassing is a breach of law, not a school principal’s directive. Under what authority is this nitwit having people arrested? And where is the community law director in all of this nonsense? And what about a parent with no car? “

“This principal should be replaced by one who has a brain.”


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