Lovers in a couple want the scheduled wedding despite the ongoing Hurricane Mathew


About 600,000 people were without power Friday morning. Millions have been ordered to evacuate homes along the Southeast. Previously, it produced at least 300 deaths in Haiti and significant damage on its way. “I emphasize this is still a really dangerous hurricane,” Obama said during remarks in the Oval Office after he met with the heads of the Federal Emergency Management Agency and Department of Homeland Security.

Despite all these things, a couple of lovers, Jaime Gurnavage and Ryan Gordon, wants their Saturday beach wedding at the Ocean Landing Resort in Cocoa Beach, even if, forced by circumstances, it will be “some type of ceremony, whatever kind of ceremony that will be.” Their motivation is a simply fact we all know without giving to this a so strong signification: “No. 8, when you set it on the side, it’s the infinity symbol.” After wedding, the couple will spend their honey moon in Key West.


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