The incredible story of a Montana man attacked twice by the same bear in the same day


The female bear, supposed to be a grizzly, was not stopped by the bear spray the man used against her. She attacked him even he rolled into a ball to play dead and mauled him and did it again after a few seconds. “She was on top of me biting my arms, shoulders and backpack,” the man remembers. After this, the bear wandered away and he escaped. But not for long time. After examining his injuries, Todd decided to go to his truck. In ten minutes only however the bear was back to him. “She slammed down on top of me and bit my shoulder and arms again. (…)The blood gushed over my face and into my eyes.” For the second time the bear stopped and than she was gone. Todd’s truck was three miles away but he was able to walk.

He drove himself 17 miles to the Madison Valley Medical Center in Ennis for treatment. He even took a couple of photos and recorded a video and posted with his story on Facebook.


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