Cop spends two months undercover as a Burger King employee, nets 5 grams of weed


The Thurmont Police Department reportedly received a lot of complaints from people saying some Burger King employees were selling drugs in the restaurant. Due to this the department decided to begin an elaborate undercover narcotics operation back in August. Officer Nicole Fair, recently hired in the department, was the perfect choice for the operation as chances were low to be recognized in the community.

The investigation ended up and two people were arrested. Both 28-year-old Jonathan Brook Moser and 23-year-old Tommy Lee Miller were charged with possession and distribution of drugs. The “capture” was 5 grams of marijuana. This has a street value of less than 50 dollars. When someone is found to be in possession of less than 10 grams of marijuana it is considered to be only a civil offense in Maryland. It is thus not hard to understand why everybody is now questioning if it was really worth the time, effort and taxpayer money.


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