Rapper sentenced for producing sexually explicit music videos featuring underage girls


Between Feb. 23 and April 9 in 2015, Chavis uploaded 29 videos featuring him having sex, real and simulated, with those underage girls. Finally , he offered DVDs for sale at $19.99 on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Even  he pleaded guilty to conspiracy to produce child pornography., Chavis in believing he did nothing wrong. “I was trying to pursue my dream in the music industry,” he told. But his situation is complicated now. After serving his prison sentence, he will spend 10 years on supervised release and will be registered as a sex offender with local and federal authorities wherever he lives. “If the victims were young children, probably the number [of years in prison] would be much higher,” U.S. District Judge Michael H. Watson told Chavis at his sentencing on Tuesday.


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