A City Council in Nebraska has to decide if smoking inside apartments will be banned


Of course, the ban would have secondary benefits of reducing health problems caused by secondhand smoke.Cigarette smoking at a single Bellevue apartment complex led to two fires in July. “We could have lost lives in the fire. I want to prevent that going forward,” Preister said. The City Council has to vote this Monday. Preister said he has nothing against smokers, argues that such a ban would also lower insurance premiums by preventing expensive fires. Howevwe “Who are we to tell them they can’t smoke in their own homes?” is a question which  was repeated may times during last days by the opposants of this idea. Some people think the measure would violate a state law that says people have a reasonable expectation of privacy in their own homes. “Complete bans go too far,” a spokesman for Richmond, Virginia-based Altria Group Inc., which owns Philip Morris USA, expressed opinion.


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