Multimillionaire crashes Lamborghini and kills Uber driver


The man was driving for Uber to help with the family income as he was a retired real estate agent. His wife Eloise made the following statement following her husband’s death: “I made him dinner and he didn’t come home.. Until I see his body, it’s like he just went out into space”.

Sixty year-old multimillionaire health club mogul Roger Wittenberns was behind the wheel of the Murciélago at the time of the wreck. His girlfriend Patty Ann McQuiggin was not far behind, following in her yellow Porsche 911 Carrera cabriolet. She however fled the scene only to be found later by police. The couple spent the afternoon drinking as Wittenberns later admitted in statements made to the police. According to state records both Roger Wittenberns and 61-year-old Patty Ann McQuiggin have been arrested in the past multiple times for driving under the influence.


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