Swastikas in the campus of San Jose State university


The campus president Mary Papazian emailed all students Thursday communicating that police have identified the student responsible and “determined that this act, while bias-based, targeted no one in particular and is not by definition a hate crime.”Police even described a swastika  drawn on a white board as a “joke board.” The school however was considering serious sanctions against the students, that could result in expulsion. “Together, we can use this difficult moment to grow and learn how to be a fully inclusive and welcoming community,” president Mary Papazian expressed hope. No suspects have been publicly. identified.

Investigators would not say what hateful phrases were written alongside the swastikas. In April, at the same university, three white students were convicted of misdemeanor battery on a black suitemate but cleared of more serious hate-crime charges. Chief Diversity Officer Kathleen Wong(Lau) planned to meet students to teach them “how to work on these issues even when people are in conflict with each other.”


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