Violent protests in Charlotte after police killed a black man


Demonstrators started a fire and shut down part of the Interstate-85 early Wednesday, looting trucks and burning the contents on the freeway. The protesters also walked to nearby thoroughfares and disrupted traffic. Police began using tear gas and flash bangs to disperse the agitated crowd. Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts appealed for calm. 12 officers were injured in clashes with several hundred people. Protesters damaged at least two CMPD vehicles, one cruiser and one SUV.Throughout the night, protesters chanted slogans and held signs reading “Black Lives Matter” and “Stop Killing Us.” Fortunately many protesters called for peace and implored their fellow demonstrators not to act violently. A CMPD helicopter circled very low over the crowd. CMPD’s Internal Affairs Bureau will conduct a separate but parallel investigation to determine whether CMPD policies and procedures were followed in this Charlotte incident.


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