Zika on Miami area influenced businesses and there is an answer from authorities


Saying “We are safe”, Albert Garcia, the district’s vice chairman, want to invite people back in that area. However the spread of Zika is a serous one yet. The state expanded the Miami Beach Zika zone Friday, declaring that mosquitoes are actively transmitting the virus in a 4.5 square-mile portion of the tourist haven. Authorities uses aerial mosquito spraying and door-to-door checks of buildings to remove standing water that serves as a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Once again to know, although most people do not have any symptoms when Zika infected, those who do have symptoms typically experience mild, flu-like symptoms. Microcephaly (abnormally small skull) is a serious birth defect that has been linked to Zika infections in pregnant women but other people can have some sort of paralysis complications too.


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