A new discovered fish named for posterity honoring the President Obama


Colored maroon and gold, it was discovered this past June 300 feet deep in the waters off Kure Atoll being the only known fish to live within Papahānaumokuākea, an expanse of coral reefs and seamounts.”This is a nice-looking fish,” Mr.Obama said. A description of the species isn’t expected to be published until later this year. The first member of the genus Tosanoides found outside of Japanese waters. In fact, however,this is not the first time Obama has had a fish named after him because scientists named an aqua and orange speckled freshwater darter found in the Tennessee River Etheostoma Obama in 2012. They even named other fishes after former presidents  Jimmy Carter, Theodore Roosevelt and , at that time. The President Obama created last week the largest swath of protected land or water on Earth, an area roughly twice the size of Texas.


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