NJ store clerk trapped two alleged robbers inside store


Tores declared: “Two guys came in and, at first, I thought they were pulling a prank or something… But then one guy came to the back and pointed a gun at me”. Then he continued: “They asked me, ‘Where’s the iPhones and Galaxies?’ and I told them, ‘We don’t have those, but you can take whatever phone on the wall that you want or anything in the cash register'”.

The NJ store clerk, who sneaked out a back door, managed to trap the attackers inside as he pulled down a security gate in the store’s main entrance and one in front of the back door. Torres said that he has called the police multiple times. Every time he explained that there was a robbery in progress and has also alerted police forces about the fact that one of the men trapped inside had a gun. several people in the crowd also called 911. Unfortunately, after 40 minutes passed Policemen were not there yet. It is needless to say that the alleged robbers managed to escape until police arrived at the scene.


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