16 decomposing bodies found inside a Funeral Home in Callaway


They have been charged with six and ten counts of unlawful preservation and storage of human remains. In fact, those remains whose families requested cremation had not been cremated. Dunphy claimed it wasn’t up to him where the bodies were kept and that he didn’t even have access to the crematorium or the “cooler,” a refrigerated room. “She is the licensed crematory operator. I am not,” he said about Boesch. And later he added:  “I went to her, as an employee to the manager, and said, ‘Hey, this situation needs to be rectified. And she said she would try to go to Alabama where her dad has cemeteries and try to get body bags or supplies and would be getting gas so the cremations could be performed.(…) She was responsible for the placement of the remains within the funeral home.”

Dunphy said he tried to find help to the rival funeral home and even declared he was the person who called police to report the situation. He expects to be exonerated. Brock’s Hometown Funeral home is permanently closed. Dunphy and Boesch could face further charges, including theft and because  the families had paid for the procedures needed to their deceased relatives.


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