TSA prepares implementation of a new airport security technology in a program pilot in the US


Only suspicious bags will be manually checked. The CT technology could also let travelers leave liquids and laptops in their carry-on bags. “Our foremost priority is the security of the traveling public,” said TSA Administrator Peter V. Neffenger. “We are proud to be working collaboratively with the TSA to support next generation screening technology at five of our hubs this fall,” said American Airlines Chief Operating Officer Robert Isom. At Chicago’s O’Hare Airport, Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, Los Angeles International and Miami mirror a pilot program is running with Delta Air Lines. Suspicious bags can be sent to a separate area for more screening. Such changes implementation will cut the time travelers spend in line by about 30 percent almost eliminating long security checkpoints lines which became a target for terrorists. Congress approved the hiring of nearly 800 new screeners and overtime pay for current ones.


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