NYPD officials busted in corruption investigation


Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara described the misconduct as “separate and serious criminal schemes” that involve “some of the highest and most sensitive levels of the New York City Police Department.” Grant and Harrington accepted “substantial bribes” from Reichberg, including a hooker, flights, hotels rooms, jewelry, business cards, and pricey meals, according to the criminal complaint filed in federal court in Manhattan. Reichberg spent over $100,000 on the cops, the complaint said.

In return he got favors, like police escorts, assistance with private disputes, free security at religious sites, fixed tickets and special access to parades and other cultural events. Harrington also made arrests of people at Reichberg’s request, On behalf of a jewelry store, Reichberg used his NYPD connection in one instance to disperse people handing out brochures for a rival diamond salesman. Harrington, Grant and Villanueva were all suspended following their arrests. De Blasio’s office issued a brief written statement Monday.


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