U.S. flag from D-Day arrival of American troops onto Utah Beach was sold on auction for $514,000


The guide boat’s skipper, Lt. Howard Vander Beek of Cedar Falls, Iowa, kept the flag up until his 2014 death when the family sold it to the actual seller. No data were available about the auction’s winner. Some other important artefacts of  D-Day sild in auctions during time were: The Admiral Ramsay’s order of the day, signed in 1944, shortly before the D-Day invasion; Churchill’s inspection of the fleet with his autograph; a “Rupert” dummy from a large numbers of dummy paratroopers dropped as diversion along the French Atlantic coastline; Montgomery’s cigarette letter sent to the soldiers who had taken part in the attack and to the population of the occupied portion of Germany; Robert Capa’s Omaha Beach prints; Eisenhower’s D-Daybroadside; the Complete Operation Overlord plans and more. No one was perceived by the buyers as a such big value as the last auctioned U.S. flag.


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