Legal action against websites selling illegal and counterfeit medical products


“Preventing illegal internet sales of dangerous unapproved drugs is critical to protecting consumers’ health,” said George Karavetsos, director of the FDA’s Office of Criminal Investigations. As an example, 110 websites were selling as a weight-loss product the chemical 2,4-Dinitrophenol (DNP), which is most often used as a dye, wood preserver, and herbicide and has never been approved by the FDA for use as a drug. The FDA additionally  issued warning letters to the operators of 53 websites illegally offering unapproved and misbranded prescription drug products for sale to U.S. consumers. Facts are that U.S. consumers had purchased certain unapproved drug products from abroad to treat depression, narcolepsy, high cholesterol, glaucoma, and asthma, among other diseases. To identify an illegal pharmacy website consumers can access BeSafeRx: Know Your Online Pharmacy.


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