Bill expected to be signed into law bans abortion in Oklahoma


There are no exceptions for rape or incest, only the mother’s life. If signed into law, the bill will take effect in November. The only doctor in the Senate, a Republican , voted no, calling it “insane.” Abortion was legalized nationwide in 1973 by decision of the Supreme Court. “Since I believe life begins at conception, it should be protected, and I believe it’s a core function of state government to defend that life from the beginning of conception,” one of the bill’s authors, State Sen. Nathan Dahm, told to the media.

The Senate voted 33-12 in favor of the bill, with three abstentions. Oklahoma’s House of Representatives voted 59-9 to approve the bill, with 33 abstentions. “For Oklahoma legislators to put women in this position is unfathomable and cruel,” said Kelly Baden, director of state advocacy for the New York-based Center for Reproductive Rights.Sixteen other states have passed similar legislation.


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