Aggressive bees attacked people in Concord


“We’ve been having Africanized bees moving into California for quite a few years up from South America, “Norm Lott of the Mount Diablo Beekeepers Association said. In fact all occurred after Arthur Janke, a local beekeeper, who had the beehives for 15 years and didn’t notice anything amiss with his honeybees, tried to move the hives so his father could do some backyard landscaping. When he tried to move the second one, those bees went berserk, stinging him, his family and rampaging out into the neighborhood around. It was a 300-500 aggressive bees swarm. Finally their hive was taken away and destroyed when most of the bees returned Saturday night. “The swarms are gone. It is safer. (…)So while the swarms are gone, it’s not something that’s going to go away entirely overnight. So I wouldn’t go to that area if it’s not necessary,” Concord police spokesman Corp. Chris Blakely said Sunday afternoon.


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