Eleven-year-old shoots home invader after repeatedly firing warning shots


The thief reportedly threatened Chris that he was going to harm and kill him if he doesn’t run away. The 11-year-old didn’t loose his cool and chose to stay. He went and got a 9mm handgun which was kept safely away by his parents. Chris Gaither confronted his attacker once more and ordered him to leave his home or he will shoot him. Since both the attacker and the victim had guns the situation could have turned pretty ugly pretty fast. However, the thief seemed not to take the little boy seriously and ignored his threats. As the little boy confessed to the police: “I guess when I pulled the gun out on him he didn’t think it was a real gun cause he didn’t worry about it.. He just kept on walking”.

Little did the perpetrator know that not only did the little boy hold a real handgun but he also knew how to use it. He took shooting lessons from his stepfather. As the thief got out of the home with what he could get his hands on, Chris fired the first warning shot. After firing 12 other shots the 11-year-old boy finally shot the man in the leg as he was jumping a fence. The thief was taken to the hospital where medics confirmed that the suffered injuries were not life threatening.


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