A Westland Police’s officer offered help buying car seat for a little girl


Westland Police’s officer Joshua Scaglione asked him instead to follow the patrol car  at Walmart  on Fort Road where the officer bought a car seat for Dell’s daughter Lauren.”I go out to serve the public every day. You’re part of the public,” Scaglione told Dell. He also added: “I had no other choice. You have a daughter – that’s your number one priority,” Scaglione, who has a 10-year old son. “I was happy to do it to keep her safe.” Dell posted the story on Facebook. “If you would’ve seen us in Walmart you would have through we were best friends,”he said. “It’s a big deal when an officer , whether he’s been here a year or he’s been here 20 years , is recognized for making such a contribution. It shows where Officer Scaglione’s heart is, and what his intention is on becoming a police officer. It’s clearly to serve the public and make a difference,” the spokesman of police said.


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