A Texas fitness instructor and married mother was killed by an attacker dressed like a police officer


The killer was recorded on motion-activated surveillance video inside the Creekside Church of Christ. He or she was dressed to look like a police officer. The assailant appears to be dressed in tactical gear with “police” written on the front and the back of the jacket and is also wearing a tactical helmet, gloves and other protective gear. Police have not yet said how Terry was killed even if the autopsy has been completed. The suspect forced his way into the several rooms in the church, lots of broken glass was found on the floor. “She was very passionate about transforming people’s lives, physically and mentally,” her husband  Brandon Bevers told to the media. A friend of the victim told that she was a “woman of God who loved her husband, children, and friends.” She wrote on her Facebook profile “about me” section, “Having an Impact on Others and Helping Others Reach Their Fitness & Health Goals is my “PASSION!”


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