Veteran keeper was killed by a tiger at Florida zoo


Now, friends and members of the South Florida zoo staff have met to mourn the death of Stacey Konwiser one day after the tragic attack. Zoo Officials have announced the day following the attack that they will keep the zoo closed over the remaining of the weekend. Furthermore, the zoo is trying to establish a memorial fund in Stacey’s honor. Palm Beach Zoo keeper, Konwiser’s husband, Jeremy, read a “note of support” coming from zoo officials: “This is a very difficult situation for all Zoo staff, the Konwiser family and her extended Zoo family”.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund raises a red flag concerning the tragic attack and claims that the zoo keeper’s life could have been spared if Zoo officials would have taken the right measures toward preventing different risks: “As long as employees are allowed to work in dangerously close proximity to tigers, elephants, and other dangerous animals, a significant risk of serious injury or death persists”. They have urged federal authorities to impose penalties against the zoo.


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