Man serving a life sentence was released being wrongly found guilty


McCullough’s lawyers and DeKalb County state’s attorney Richard Schmack argued that McCullough’s conviction was based on false testimony, improper legal rulings controlling the evidence presented, and a timeline that was tweaked some 50 years after the fact to rule out McCullough’s alibi. McCullough himself has long insisted that he couldn’t possibly have abducted and killed the child because he was 40 miles away in Rockford, Illinois, talking to recruiters and trying to enlist in the U.S. Air Force when she was taken. He made a last-ditch appeal in a jailhouse motion last December, saying police and prosecutors buried evidence supporting his alibi. To found and prove the truth, state’s attorney Richard Schmack launched a six-month investigation that included a review of some 4,500 pages of documents — old police and FBI reports, grand jury transcripts, trial transcripts and others.


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