Citie Bike, New York’s bike share program, delayed until spring


Many cyclists had high hopes that the upcoming bike share program will happen this year.

Janette Sadik, the Transportation Commissioner, and the Mayor announced the reason of the delay during a news conference. The program was expected to start last month and was delayed because of some software problems. The Mayor declared that “hopefully the software will work” by spring. According to the new plan released by the city’s Transportation Department the program is scheduled to start March next year with a total of seven thousand bikes that will be available in 420 different stations.

The bike share program is operated by Alta Bicycle Share. The initial plan was to have 10000 bikes in 600 stations by 2013 and in July this year to have some of these already available. The software problem was attributed by some to the existing dispute between Alta’s Montreal-based partner and 8D Technologies, a world leader in the design and development of intelligent systems. 8D already supplied software for existing bike share programs in Washington, Boston and in other big cities from U.S.


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