Jojo, the comfort dog helping kids to be calm at the Pediatric Dentistry in Northbrook


Once a month, JoJo comes in and sits with patients who request her. Many people call up and specifically request her  to be at clinic when they come.. Parents can’t believe that JoJo just sits there and that their child is so still and calm through the procedure. “She’s just there waiting for you. If you sit down, she’ll put her head on your lap. It’s quite amazing how she knows you just need that hug,” dental assistant Veronica Renteria told to the media. JoJo works under the auspices of a Lutheran church group and in her time as a comfort dog was also been sent to assist after tornados in Missouri and Illinois, and was brought in to the Sandy Hook schools in Connecticut after the 2012 mass . The golden retriever has many jobs to do alternatively. At the dental clinic she is a perfect incentive to make kids to accept regular visits.


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