Two people dead in Amtrak crash south of Philadelphia


More than 30 people were injured and had to be taken over to nearby hospitals. However, the injuries were not evaluated to be life-threatening. A passenger of the Amtrak Train 89 described his experience of the crash as he lived it from the second car: “The car started shaking wildly, there was a smell of smoke, it looked like there was a small fire and then the window across from us blew out”.

As a result of the crash Amtrak will suspend its services until later in the afternoon on the route Wilmington-Philadelphia. Their Keystone Service between New York and Harrisburg is not affected. The company has written a message on their Twitter account providing contact information for worried family members of the injured victims: “Individuals with questions about their friends and family on train 89 should call Amtrak’s Emergency Hotline at 800.523.9101”.


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