One man climbed Tuesday an 80-foot tall sequoia in Seattle and refused to come down


Police have said he appears to be suffering from a crisis and has been yelling intermittently. The man has thrown an apple, branches and pine cones at first responders. The traffic was diverted from the area. Officials closed nearby roads as a precaution. Two King County Metro Transit routes, the 25 to Portage Bay and Laurelhurst and the 66 to Roosevelt and Northgate, were rerouted. The Fire Department asked electric buses to retract their power poles. People manifested interest for the story. The incident has attracted onlookers. Even a #ManInTree  Tweeter account was created. “It is quite a spectacle, honestly,” police spokesman Patrick Michaud told the media. “We want to make sure he’s OK and that he can get down from the tree without hurting himself or someone else,” Michaud said.Seattle Department of Transportation officials will review the health of the tree once the incident is resolved.


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