Hikers find human skull in Los Angeles park near Hollywood sign


Homicide investigators closed access to the area. Police investigators are conducting a search for more body parts or old bones using cadaver dogs. Just few years ago other human remains were found in the Bronson Canyon area. Back in 2014, a police dog found a head on the hiking trail near the Hollywood sign. Back then Police later found also the hands and feet of the same dead body. They determined the victim was Hervey Coronado Medellin. The recent finding is not confirmed to be in any way linked to the similar discovery from 2014.

For now other body parts have not been located. Access to the park covering 6 ½ square miles in the eastern Santa Monica Mountain range is closed. The park is considered the largest municipal park in the nation. The LAPD has not yet announced any new finding or commented whether the found skull could be related to the 2014 findings.


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