SeaWorld Entertainment will stop breeding killer whales


The decision was made: its current generation of orcas would be its last. They will have to do something different as a themed park but the change will be later, possibly decades away, after the last orca dies. At this time, only a change in the orcas’ show will be made. The new presentation will debut in SeaWorld’s San Diego park next year, followed by San Antonio in 2018 and Orlando in 2019. SeaWorld has 29 killer whales, one of which is currently pregnant, and it said they typically live up to 50 years. It has stopped artificial insemination of the orcas and will use birth control and other measures to keep them from breeding naturally going forward. SeaWorld needs to start developing seaside sanctuaries now and free all of its marine captives so they can have something akin to a natural life. SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment is a family entertainment company formerly owned by Blackstone Group, which operates many themes parks in the U.S.


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