Scuba diver survives ride through nuclear plant intake pipe


What went through his mind during the five minutes of horror while he was pulled at seven feet per second through the barnacle-encrusted pipe is hard to say. All around was pitch black and Le Cun had no idea what expected him on the other end. But his experience helped him keep calm. Being a navy veteran who has been diving since the age of 12 helped him focus on the status of his regulator despite the fact he was tumbling in all directions.

“We were looking for lobster when we came across a big structure.. Within a blink of an eye I’m in a washing machine, tumbling and trying to check my air.. The tiniest light you’ve ever seen,” he said. Finally Le Cun was “spit out” through the other end. There he describes seeing huge fish. “It almost felt like you’re in heaven” he concluded. Florida Power and Light didn’t care to comment but released a statement saying that “The diver intentionally swam into one of the intake pipes after bypassing a piece of equipment to minimize the entry of objects.”


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