NBC News correspondent Hallie Jackson doesn’t let dripping nose faze her


Whether Hallie Jackson realized the dripping nose was about to transform into an embarrassing moment is hard to say. She didn’t say if she knew about the booger but she tried to see the funny side of things. Just hours later on her Twitter page Jackson posted a message of her online shopping cart which contained a book called “Surviving Your Season of Shame” and $53 worth of tissues.

Needless to say the clip showing the NBC news correspondent’s dripping nose has since gone viral. As if it wasn’t embarrassing enough for her, news editions world-wide posted close-ups of snapshots of the incident. People started to take Jackson’s side on social media discussion threads while others tried to see things differently by saying different remarks such as this one: “When you’re dancin’ with your honey, and your nose is sorta runny, everybody thinks it’s funny but it snot”.


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