Quahog rare pearl found in dinner at restaurant by a woman in Washington


Ted Irwin, president of the Northwest Geological Laboratory and director of the Northwest Geological Institute, evaluated the pearl at $600 in today’s marketplace. He also explained that it was probably “one in a couple million” possibility for a such event to happen, considering that of finding a natural, gem-quality pearl is very rare outside the special search for it. The restaurant owners M Fernando and Cindy Nardone were excited. “We only serve the finest for our customers.Coming to our restaurant is like winning the lottery,” they said. The lucky woman said she plans on turning her pearl into a necklace and keeping it as a good luck charm.

Quahog (KO-hog) pearls are rare non-nacreous pearls produced by the saltwater clam Mercenaria mercenaria (Venus mercenaria), whose natural habitat is the Atlantic coastline of North America, from Canada’s Gulf of Saint Lawrence to Florida, and extending to the Gulf of Mexico, and particularly abundant between Cape Cod in Massachusetts and New Jersey.


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